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For patients with early stage cancer and growths within the digestive tract, Dr. Michael Flicker, Dr. Carl Atallah and Dr. Daniel Berger may recommend an EMR treatment.

What does EMR treat?

An endoscopic mucosal resection allows our gastroenterologists to remove growths and precancerous tissue from the lining of gastrointestinal organs. The EMR can relieve symptoms associated with:

  • Barrett’s esophagus
  • Leiomyomas, or noncancerous tissue growing within the uterus
  • Benign polyps within the colon
  • Cancer affecting the small intestine, colon, rectum, esophagus or stomach

What will happen at my appointment?

Our gastroenterologists will meet with you before your appointment and discuss any steps you may need to take before your visit. This may include fasting, stopping certain medications, taking a laxative or taking an enema.

When you come into our office, our gastroenterologists will numb and prepare the throat for an endoscope. (If the procedure is meant to treat the colon, the endoscope will be passed through the anus.) A sedative will then be administered, while our team monitors your heart rate and other vital signs. Then our gastroenterologists will remove the affected tissues.

Following the EMR, if you experience chills, vomiting, chest or abdominal pain, fainting, shortness of breath, or black or bloodied stool, contact a physician or seek emergency care immediately.

Before or after your appointment, we invite you to ask Advanced G.I. LLC any questions you may have about the EMR procedure. Simply reach out to us at 773-598-5588.