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Bowel preparation is the key to a successful colonoscopy or other gastrointestinal (GI) procedure. At Advanced GI LLC, experienced gastroenterologists Michael Flicker, MD, and Carl Atallah, DO, set you up for success with a specific bowel preparation plan customized for your procedure. Detailed guidelines mean that your bowel prep can be much more comfortable than expected, so call the office in the Lake View area of Chicago, Illinois, or book an appointment online.

Bowel Preparation Q&A

What is bowel prep?

Bowel prep is a way to clean out your colon before a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy procedure. Your colon is 5 feet long, which means that thoroughly cleaning it out requires a particular approach.

This type of preparation gives your Advanced GI LLC gastroenterologist the most precise view so they can observe, diagnose, and treat most effectively.

How does bowel prep work?

A member of the Advanced GI LLC team gives you specific bowel prep instructions the week before your scheduled procedure. Your thorough prep may vary according to some individual factors, but some general guidelines include:

Dietary changes

Dietary changes start in the days before your procedure. Usually, you’ll limit high-fiber foods for a few days and then follow a clear liquid diet the day before the procedure. This includes any transparent liquid, such as chicken broth, sports drinks, and some kinds of juice. 

You can typically also have yellow or green gelatin and popsicles (no red, purple, or orange) the day before your procedure. 

Bowel prep solution

You’ll typically take a laxative as-directed by your doctor starting the day before your procedure. Then, later in the day, you’ll start to drink a special bowel prep solution in 8-ounce servings. You’ll refrigerate the last part of this solution for the next morning. 

Normally, you’ll finish the bowel prep solution several hours ahead of your scheduled appointment. Your stool must be clear before you have a procedure like a colonoscopy, so notify your doctor if it’s not. Don’t eat or drink anything else the day of your procedure.

Medication changes

Your doctor informs you of any necessary medication changes. Usually, you’ll discontinue blood thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs a few days ahead of the procedure. 

Follow your bowel prep instructions very strictly. Improper preparation can lead to canceled procedures or repeat testing later. 

How soon can I eat again following my bowel prep?

Your Advanced GI LLC gastroenterologist recommends a specific schedule for resuming your regular diet after your procedure. Usually, you can have soft and bland foods after the procedure and then go back to eating normally the next morning. 

Bowel prep is simple and straightforward when you see the experts at Advanced GI LLC. Book your appointment by calling the office or scheduling online.