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If certain organs have been blocked by cancerous tissue and are interfering with digestion and other gastronomical processes, a luminal stenting can help. Stents are artificial appliances that can be placed inside the body by our gastroenterologists. The stents are inserted into the body’s tube-like structures, like the colon, blood vessels or esophagus, and allow easier passage of blood, food, and waste. Dr. Michael Flicker, Dr. Carl Atallah and Dr. Daniel Berger offer patients esophagus, duodenal and colonic luminal stenting in Chicago, Illinois.


Esophageal stents are inserted into the esophagus (the tube connecting the mouth and stomach) using X-rays and endoscopy. When placed, these improve swallowing and help with the ingestion of liquids. Stents can be made of metal, silicone or plastic — depending on the patient’s needs.


Duodenal stents improve passage of stomach contents through the uppermost part of the small intestine, also known as the duodenum. Though this can be more invasive than other stents, it can be an alternative to surgical bypass.


Colonic stents are placed inside narrowed or restricted points to allow for the passage of stool and waste products.

Patients rarely experience serious complications with luminal stents, and Advanced G.I. LLC can correct any slippage or migrating of appliances. However, there are small risks for blood clots or infection, and we ask that you contact our gastroenterologists if you notice any symptoms following your procedure. If you have general questions about luminal stents, call 773-598-5588 and talk to us today!